Last Man Safe List

With less than 3 days until the Super Bowl ends and Last Man begins, there are 94 people, as of Thursday night, who have either declared their intention to play Last Man or expressed interest in possibly playing. There’s always a surge of signups Saturday and Sunday, so it seems inevitable we’ll shatter last year’s record of 114 contestants.

But how will all these Knowledge Runners stay abreast of world events (and of how Last Man itself is going) during the hours and days after the Super Bowl? As usual, I’ve tried to help answer that question by putting together a Last Man “Safe” Twitter List for 2016.

The people on the List are a very small, trusted group. The volume of tweets will vary widely, based mainly on whether @findthelastman is awake and busily retweeting. :) But, barring some unforeseen tweet catastrophe, all tweets on the safe list should be free of The Knowledge (at least through the first month of Last Man).

So, Knowledge Runners, feel free to follow the list, and use it while you’re still alive & Running to stay abreast of #TheKnowledge-free news (e.g., New Hampshire Primary results), information, and updates on other Knowledge Runners’ status. If your Twitter app (like Tweetbot) can replace your normal timeline with a Twitter List, this is a good one to use for that purpose.

While we’re on the topic of safe Twitter usage during #lastman, please know that the following ARE NOT SAFE from The Knowledge:

Your mentions. Saboteurs. They exist. They suck. They’ll tweet the result at you. Don’t look at your mentions. ‘Nuff said.

The #lastman hashtag. Although tweeting The Knowledge into the #lastman hashtag is discouraged, IT WILL INEVITABLY HAPPEN. Saboteurs will do it. Some eliminated Runners will do it, too, as they discuss how they lost. So, while you’re still alive in Last Man, DO NOT CLICK ON THE #LASTMAN HASHTAG.

@findthelastman’s list of contestants. Not to be confused with my “safe list,” this is simply a list of all declared Knowledge Runners. That might sound safe, but it’s not, because some Runners will tweet about the Super Bowl result after they’re eliminated from Last Man (which in many cases will happen on Sunday night or Monday). What’s more, saboteurs may even try to infiltrate the list by pretending they’re going to play Last Man, only to tweet the result in hopes of committing mass #lastman murder. So: use that list once you’ve been eliminated, but DO NOT trust it while you’re still Running.

My Twitter timeline (@brendanloy). I’m not playing #lastman this year, and I WILL BE TWEETING ABOUT THE SUPER BOWL. That’s why I’m not on my own “safe” list. Therefore, please do not check my timeline while you’re Running, expecting that it will be #TheKnowledge-free. It won’t.

Lists of new Twitter followers. The final two known contestants in 2014 were eliminated when a saboteur account named @Sea43_Den8 followed them. Don’t look at your follower list.

Remember, you can tweet updates on your #lastman status — which we ask you to do at least every 72 hours — using our blind tweet box, if you’d like. That way, you can tweet blindly into the void without having to worry about seeing anybody else’s tweets.