47 alive, 152 dead; Fitzwater’s 2012 run ends after 4+ years

Last Man legend Jeffrey Drozek-Fitzwater, a.k.a. @jscottfitzwater, appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to talk about the game, and what it’s like to Run from The Knowledge. Jeffrey did a great job, and the segment was pretty funny:

(WARNING: Watching the embedded video may not be safe for active Knowledge Runners, because of the possibility of “related videos” about the Super Bowl popping up afterwards.)

Kimmel didn’t divulge this year’s #TheKnowledge during the segment (though Fitzwater died a few minutes later in a Kimmel-related fashion that he has promised to elaborate on later today).

However, at the 3:52 mark of the video, you can watch in real time as Fitzwater’s record-shattering Run from The 2012 Knowledge finally comes to an end after 4 years and 6 days, in perhaps the most epic Last Man death since Kyle Whelliston was taken out in 2008 by the Valparaiso student section. Death by Jimmy Kimmel — or, more precisely, death by being flashed by Kimmel’s sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez.

1,467 days. You now have a concrete long-term goal to shoot for, successful Knowledge Runners. :)

(And no, it doesn’t count if you “have no idea who played in the Super Bowl in 2012″ because you don’t remember. As the FAQ explains, “staying alive in Last Man means avoiding ever learning The Knowledge in the first place,” not acquiring The Knowledge and then forgetting it. If you’re not consciously playing Last Man, and you don’t particularly care about a given year’s Super Bowl, “information about the Super Bowl may tend to go ‘in one ear and out the other.’ But that doesn’t mean you never acquired The Knowledge; it just means you learned it and then promptly forgot it. This is largely why Rule D exists, requiring Twitter #Lastman League participants to announce that they’re playing Last Man in advance of the Super Bowl (or within 24 hours afterward). Once you make a conscious choice to play Last Man, the ‘learning and immediately forgetting’ problem largely goes away. Once you Know, you Know.”)

By way of flashback

Yup. He pretty much did. And then he died on national TV.

Well done, sir.

Hail the victorious dead!

Anyway, back to this year’s game…

@findthelastman tweeted yesterday evening, shortly after Last Man 2016 passed the 96-hour mark, that we had 50 Runners left (out of 199 who are confirmed to have played).

Since then, ‏@ShantzJess suffered death by co-worker; @skratty007 got cocky and was promptly sabotaged (LINK CONTAINS THE KNOWLEDGE) by her best friend, @Linaalf1 (#TrustNoOne!); and prolific #lastman tweeter @AzTexTim was knocked out via death by Gmail filter #FAIL:

Thus, by my count, we’re at 47 Runners left out of 199, with 152 having already died, as of Friday morning.

(There are also still ~18 people who said they were going to play, then went radio silent, so we’re presently not sure if they played or not. Thus, it’s possible the total who played will end up over 200.)

A few of Thursday’s more notable deaths:

For those still alive, the obstacles don’t stop, even as The Knowledge starts to recede from consciousness. For instance:

Keep Running!! Only 1,463 more days until you match Fitzwater! :)