#LastManExtreme Runner in Boulder, CO out after 7+ days

BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Corrigan of Boulder, Colorado — the last Knowledge Runner standing in either of the Super Bowl teams’ home metro areas — has been eliminated after a remarkable run that lasted more than a week.

WARNING: The remainder of the post contains The Knowledge. Still-alive Knowledge Runners should stop reading now.

Corrigan suffered death by storefront window in an undisclosed mountain town Monday morning, February 15, around 11:20 AM Mountain Time.

The Super Bowl ended last Sunday, February 7, at 8:22 PM, so Corrigan’s official time was roughly 7 days, 15 hours. A truly incredible achievement, given his location and the game’s outcome.

Andrew isn’t kidding about the parade. I watched it from my office window in downtown Denver on Tuesday. It was an an amazing sight. You could see it from space. And “1,000,000 people” isn’t some exaggeration; that was the official count (a number which includes the bulk of more than 46,000 truants from Denver and Jefferson County schools Tuesday — nearly a quarter of all students in those school districts).

Corrigan, though, had no clue anything was happening:

Granted, being in Boulder, as opposed to Denver, made it slightly less impossible to avoid The Knowledge — no one who works in downtown Denver could possibly have survived Tuesday without taking the day off work — but still. As a Denverite myself, I can vouch for the fact the entire Denver/Boulder area, and beyond, has been buzzing about the Broncos’ win all week. It’s simply incredible that Corrigan was able to remain ignorant of it for so long.

Asked in the #lastman entry survey about his plans for Super Bowl Sunday and beyond, and the challenges he expected to face, Corrigan wrote: “I will probably spend Superbowl day outside rock climbing or hiking and maybe camp that night. Not overhearing the winner the next day at work will be very difficult. I will avoid all media I can until I lose, but I run the social accounts at my job so can’t avoid it completely.”

He tweeted this morning that the key to his triumph was obliviousness:

Oblivious or no, this calls for a toast.

For the record, this is how the other “Last Man Extreme” players (i.e., those playing Last Man in the metro area of one of the teams playing in the Super Bowl) went down:

@letskungfu, Denver, CO – Sunday night (virtually immediate) – death by fireworks

@caleb_newbury, Denver, CO – Sunday night (virtually immediate) – death by fireworks

@vajdajj, Denver/Broomfield, CO – Sunday night (within a half-hour after the game ended) – death by intermission announcement & audience reaction at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts

@PsyMar, Winstom-Salem, NC* – Sunday night (a little over 2 hours after the game ended) – death by careless Tweetdeck usage + @brendanloy tweet about daughters’ pro-Broncos signs

@cookiepartycake, Boulder, CO – Monday morning – death by celebratory bagels at the office

@cakeshorts, Denver, CO – Monday or Tuesday morning – cause of death undisclosed

@Hiddanas, Charlotte, NC – Tuesday wee hours – death by digital billboard (or possibly, arguably, death by lack of Super Bowl talk Monday morning, triggering a suspicion that the home team lost — though I would argue his suspicion didn’t quite rise to the level of triggering Rule 4)

@helloalliej, Durham, NC* – Tuesday afternoon – death by Obama tweet

*Reasonable minds can differ about whether Winston-Salem and Durham, which are (respectively) ~80 and ~140 miles from the Panthers’ home city of Charlotte, should count as “Last Man Extreme.” (For comparison, Boulder is ~30 miles from Denver.) But we’ll include them here for the sake of completeness and inclusiveness.

As you can see, all of the “Last Man Extreme” Runners were out within 48 hours — except Corrigan, who, in the belly of the Broncos beast, lasted more than a week.

Let the debate begin: Greatest Of All Time?

4 years and 6 days without The Knowledge, regardless of location (with a death for the ages televised on the Jimmy Kimmel show) — or 7 days and 15 hours in the beating heart of Broncos Country after the beloved home team’s first championship since 1998? I honestly don’t know where I come down on this one. Without question, though, Jeffrey Drozek-Fitzwater and Kevin Corrigan would both be first-ballot Last Man Hall of Famers, if such a thing existed.

Anyway… well done, sir. Well done. #TeamKevin

UPDATE: Drozek-Fitzwater just weighed in, congratulating Corrigan and calling his run “epic”:

P.S. For posterity, let it be noted that, according to his survey response, Corrigan discovered Last Man from a friend named Jake, who told him about the 2014 TLDR podcast episode about it, which was mentioned on a mini-episode of Reply All (the current podcast by the ex-TLDR hosts) on January 27 of this year.

P.P.S. Also for posterity, here are all of Kevin’s tweets about his epic Last Man run. First, before the Super Bowl:

And then after the Super Bowl, tweeting blindly into the void: