25 Runners left after saboteurs emerge due to 538, Fox articles

On Sunday night, when @findthelastman signed off for the season at the two-week mark, Last Man was down to 29 Knowledge Runners:

That number, I believe, stayed the same until midday Tuesday — when this happened:

(The FiveThirtyEight article is safe from The Knowledge. Its comments may not be. And the Twitter response definitely isn’t.)

And then, shortly thereafter, this happened. (WARNING: The Fox Sports article is NOT safe. It contains The Knowledge.)

As a result, we suddenly had a situation where, out of the blue, on a random weekday 16 days after the Super Bowl — by which point many Knowledge Runners have inevitably, necessarily started to return to social media normalcy — there was a surge of sudden, unexpected renewed interest in Last Man.

And, this being the Internet, land of trolls and jerks, renewed interest means renewed sabotage.

A new Twitter troll account, containing the outcome of the game in its name and handle, was created, and almost immediately claimed four victims. The first was @surfergrrrl, whose death tweet contains The Knowledge. Then:

Just like that, we’re down to 25 Runners (21 of whom have updated their status within the last week-and-a-half; the other 4 have been radio-silent almost all the way back to the Super Bowl).

In an effort to warn the remaining Runners of the new threat, the Horn of Buckland was sounded:

The author of the Five Thirty Eight article felt bad:

But she was reassured that she needn’t feel guilty:

Besides, for those Knowledge Runners knocked out of Last Man on Day 16, there’s an upside:

More later.

P.S. So much for the relative lack of media attention (outside of Jimmy Kimmel) this year. Heh.

Also, it’s interesting to compare & contrast the reaction to Kimmel vs. the reaction to today’s articles:

Data journalism FTW? :)