Last Man was invented by Kyle Whelliston and first popularized through his now-defunct website, The Mid-Majority, and its @midmajority Twitter account. Below is a chronological list of links to blog posts and tweet archives about past years’ editions of the game.  (Many of the links go to the Internet Archive, because the Mid-Majority website was shut down in 2014.)


  • An oblique discussion of the Last Man concept, 2/5/2007.


  • The first blog post where Kyle publicly discussed Last Man as a game, 2/2/2008.
  • Kyle’s post about his Last Man run being hilariously ended on Tuesday by the student section at a Valparaiso basketball game, 2/6/2008.


  • Kyle’s post on “Last Man XXI,” when he only lasted ~16 hours, 2/2/2009.


  • Kyle’s running liveblog of “Last Man XXII,” when he made it to Thursday night, his personal record, 2/11/2010.


  • Kyle’s backgrounder ahead of “Last Man XXIII,” 2/4/2011.
  • Kyle’s running liveblog of “Last Man XXIII,” 2/6/2011.

NOTE: The 2011 liveblog is probably Kyle’s best, and most thorough, post about Last Man ever.

  • Blog post and archive of tweets about Last Man (and “Find The Last Man”), 2/8/2011.


  • Archive of tweets by Kyle and others playing Last Man, 2/5/2012.


  • Blog post, with photos, videos, and a tweet archive, of himself and others playing Last Man, 2/5/2013.


  • Extensive Tumblr post live-blogging 2014’s game of Last Man, 2/3/2014.


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