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If the Super Bowl hasn’t happened yet (or if it ended less than 24 hours ago, and you don’t yet possess The Knowledge), you can join the #Lastman League and play Last Man with us!

Here are the steps to participate in the Twitter #Lastman League:

1. Be eligible to play. Please read the rules to confirm your eligibility. (For instance, you must be located in America, and you must have a reasonable expectation that you would hear about the Super Bowl if you weren’t trying to avoid it.)

2. Fill out this Last Man survey. (Not mandatory, but strongly encouraged!)

3. Announce that you’re playing in a tweet, tagged #lastman, published before the Super Bowl (or within 24 hours after it).

4. We suggest you read this post about staying safe on Twitter from #TheKnowledge. In addition to important tips & warnings, it includes links to a “safe” Twitter List, and to a blind tweet box for posting tweets without reading others’ tweets. Both are valuable tools to bookmark and use!

5. Don’t watch the Super Bowl. (Duh.)

6. Run! Run from The Knowledge! (That is, avoid learning the winner or final score of the Super Bowl. It’s harder than you may think. There are many ways to lose. Trust no one.)

7. We ask that you tweet updates on your status at least every 72 hours* while you’re Running, with the #lastman tag. (Feel free to use our blind tweet box, if you’d like.)

If you don’t let us know you’re still alive, we will eventually have to assume that you were eliminated. Hence the need for updates.

Remember: you lose when you Know. That is to say, you’re eliminated from the game (a.k.a. “dead” in Last Man parlance) as soon as you know either the winner of the Super Bowl or the game’s final score (or both).

Once you Know, please tweet when and how you “died”i.e., from who/what you learned The Knowledge — again using the #lastman hashtag.

This all sounds simple enough, but you may find it’s harder to avoid The Knowledge than you’d expect. Friends, family, TV, radio, newspapers, advertisements, water-cooler talk, social media, e-mails, texts, websites, cell phone apps, overheard conversations, idle small talk — there are many, many ways to accidentally acquire The Knowledge. Avoiding it requires strategy and vigilance.

Once you’re eliminated, please do NOT attempt to impart The Knowledge to anyone who is still playing.  This is considered sabotage, and violates the rules.  Moreover, Last Man is a game you play against yourself, not against others. No one “wins.”  So there’s no benefit to trying to knock others out of the game.

Of course, if you’re still alive in Last Man, you shouldn’t assume that nobody will try to sabotage you.  Someone probably will.  Social media, including the #lastman hashtag, and also including your Twitter mentions, is not “safe.”  Have a strategy for avoiding saboteurs. (Read this post for more on that.)

One specific note: beware of “new follower” lists or notifications on Twitter. A sabotage account whose name was the score of the game knocked out the final two players in 2014.

Always remember, Frodo: The Knowledge wants to be Known.

Trust no one.  Play honestly.  And run!  Run from The Knowledge!

*If you’re one of the lucky few who survives into March and beyond, updating your status once every couple weeks is fine at that point.

6 thoughts on “How to Play”

  1. I do not understand why participants have to be in the US since here in Canada, the Super Bowl is also a big deal (right after the National Hockey League). I with many of my Canadian friends who want to participate in Last Man, by here propose that this game should extended to Canada.

    1. America is implied in the name of the game, but I suppose we could have a separate category for North America, or US+Canada. Maybe require staying within 100 miles of US border?

      Of course, at that point I feel I should exclude anyone running the Iditarod as they’re clearly busy in the middle of nowhere, and then it snowballs.

      So let’s just have a separate category for Canadians.

  2. How am I just now funding out about this game. I am pretty sure I would win. Hell, during the Superbowl I was playing video games.

    On a side note, I don’t know whonwon 2014, 2015, or current…. I don’t care either.

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